My Baby Shower


Hello All,

I know in my last post I mentioned that I will be doing my top five go to products throughout my pregnancy but I thought I would do this in a video form as I feel talking about the products will give you a much better insight into how good I actually found these products. So whilst I am just getting all the content together I thought that seeing as I had my baby shower a couple of weeks ago and it was such a beautiful day I would upload all my pictures.

My sister and my cousin both organised the day which was more than I could have ever asked for. I wanted an afternoon tea party in the style of Alice and Wonderland and that was definitely what I got. Everything was home made from the sandwiches’ to the biscuits to the amazing cake my sister Grace made, we even has all mismatching teacups and saucer sets.

All the people that are important to me managed to come which was lovely and the presents I received were just out of this world. the twins now have a better wardrobe than I do! So I just wanted to say a big thankĀ  you to everyone that came and to my mum, sister and cousin who helped bring the party together.

I hope you like all the photos.


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