5 Hacks to make everyday run smoother

Ask anyone who knows me, knows I do not like standing still. I always start the year off with goals that I set out to achieve and normally hit these 99% of the time (depending on how realistic I have been). My day-to-day structure is no different really. Complacency is not an option. But with less and less time on our hands, I have a few life hacks that have really been working for me over the past few months to make every day run smoother, which is even more important now I have the twins.

The early bird catches the worm

Whilst you may not be a early riser, waking up early is a sure good way to start your day. I find getting up before everyone in the house just means I can start the day how I want it to start. Now, I don’t mean be up hours before everyone else, even just half hour or so, so I can unload the dishwasher, get another load of washing on and I know what I need to achieve for the day.

Writing out 5 things that I need to complete before the day is out

This is something I like to do every morning once I get up. Since I have had the twins my memory is like a sieve. I can walk to the shops setting out knowing what I need to buy, but if I haven’t written out a list by the time I get to Sainsbury’s, I would have forgotten everything I need to get. My point is, I write 5 things that I need to complete by the end of the day whether it’s to clean the bathroom, file my nails, or order my food shop in for the week I know its jobs that I want to get done by the end of the day.

Meal Planning

So at the start of every week, usually either a Sunday or a Monday I organise my food shop. I do my food shop online as with the babies I really struggle to get both of them out to do a full food shop, and to be honest with you I am not sure my stress levels could handle it. Before I do my food shop I have a look through my cookbooks to see what tickles my fancy for the week as I like to mix things up on a weekly basis. I do find I get bored if I repeatedly eat the same meal week in week out. Once I have done this I write out what the ingredients I need for each individual meal then when it comes to replacing the food order I don’t have to worry about missing any super important ingredients. One I have completed my order for the week and then press that enter button, it is one less thing I have to worry about for the week.


Have you ever wondered why you have so much more energy when you have eaten a proper breakfast?! Well, not to make you suck eggs, diet is such an important part of life and what you put in your body you WILL get back. I notice that when I have been eating badly I feel super lethargic and have no energy, which in turn makes me feel very unproductive. I find never get the things done that I need to. Although, I don’t eat super clean all the time and I am known to indulge often, I always make sure I start my day of with slow releasing foods. i.e. Porridge with almonds and maple syrup or I make myself overnight oats which I soak in the fridge so I can access them easily without having to locate all the pots and pans in the kitchen. (They also travel really well to work). During the weekend we generally have a bit more time, so I love making scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, which is such a healthy breakfast to have, you are also getting those omega 3’s in! I know its a bit of a cliché but it really does keep me going throughout that day, or, well at least up until lunch.

Don’t kick yourself when your down

Remember! Your goals can always roll on to tomorrow, if you have not achieved everything you have wanted to by the close of the day it doesn’t matter, you can always roll it onto the next day’s list. It is also important to listen to our bodies and when our bodies say we need to rest, we need to rest! I definitely need to practise what I preach as I find it super hard to rest…..

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