3 Month update of how I am managing twins

It occurred to me today as I was watching over the twins that I haven’t really updated you all on how the twins are doing and more importantly how I am coping. It’s funny, I find random strangers stop me in the street asking me how I am coping with their concerned expressions on their faces?! My reply is always the same… I don’t really know any different so I have nothing to compare it too.

Now don’t get me wrong there are definitely highs and lows with having twins but I am sure parents with the one child also have those moments.

Watching the babies grow up is the most rewarding experience and it is probably only in the last month I have really started to appreciate this. The twins are coming up to 4 months and I have started to notice changes in them everyday. Now that the initial 10 weeks have passed I have started to get sooo much more enjoyment from them. Watching them just so engrossed in their hands as they are some kind of alien attached to their arm, being fascinated with the lights on the T.V, I would even go as far as saying they now are starting to recognise each other. I feel like this is where the fun starts! (maybe ask me again in 6 months time).

The one thing I probably find most difficult is bath time and juggling two babies, my home then becomes busier than the M25 in rush hour! Trying to keep them stimulated after they heave exhausted themselves out in time for their 6pm feed is particularly hard, hence, the desperate need for a LARGE glass of wine once the babies have been put to bed. I do make sure I limited my intake as I do worry I will turn into a raging alcoholic (much to my mothers distaste)!

Like all things to do with babies, these times will pass and then there will be a new challenge to move onto. I look forward to catching up with you to let you know the updates of month 4.



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  1. Jeanette Grimsey
    February 1, 2018 / 10:43 am

    Well done Sophie for the last four months you have been amazing . Beautiful girls and a big credit to you !

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