My funny Valentines

Since my babies were potentially made on valentine’s day last year I plan on something very different this year! I know there are lots of people out there that are quite cynical about Valentines and don’t believe you need an excuse to show your love just because its ‘one day’ marked in the diary.

Whilst I agree, I do think it is nice to make a bit of an effort to show each other your appreciation. Anyone who has twins or any children for that matter, knows its super hard to do this on a regular basis. There will definitely be no posh dinners in fancy restaurants this year!

So this Valentine’s Day I plan on cooking my man a hearty dinner that I will probably spend all day slaving away in the kitchen over, with a bottle of bubbly to share whilst watching a soppy film of my choice!

I would love to hear how you choose to spend your Valentines Day.

Lots of Love



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