30 things I have realised now I have turned 30

So the big 30 is now upon me and my gosh that has crept up VERY quickly! It only feels like yesterday when I turned 18, the epitome of adulthood! Well….. at least that was what I thought. My, how I have matured over these last 12 years and learnt a lot of lessons along the way.

So without further ado I thought I would share some of my wise words of advice now I REALLY have hit the epitome of adulthood.

1.Not everyone will like you and that is okay.

2. Its never to late or early to follow your dreams.

3. You will never regret a workout. Fact!!!

4. Don’t do something because you feel it’s what’s expected of you.

5. Time is a great healer.

6. Always follow you head not so much your heart. This has got me into trouble many times.

7. Listen to your gut, it is usually right.

8. Put yourself first because no one else will.

9. Everything in life has consequences. Before you say it/send it think to yourself would you mind it being printed across the front page of the daily mail.

10. Make time for hobbies.

11. Always make sure your skirt is not tucked into your knickers after using the toilet.

12. Always learn from your mistakes (yes, that does apply to the one above).

13. True friends can go without seeing you for weeks, months and even years and it never changes when you do eventually have the time to get together.

14. Never mix your drinks – It is not big or clever!

15. How you are in your teens will not reflect who you are as an adult.

16. Always wash cashmere on a cold wash.

17. Love definitely hurts.

18. You will always have a better nights sleep on freshly Ironed sheets. Its just lazy if you don’t iron them.

19. Always put on some form of underwear on under that little black dress. You never know who’s trying to get a little peep.

20. Don’t keep bananas in the same fruit bowl as the rest of your fruit.

21. Red wine does come out by pouring white wine over asap. Tried and tested on my mum’s jeans! (It was very touch and go)

22. If your car makes funny noises, always take it to the garage to get checked out. Don’t leave it until your brake pads fuse together and your dad has to rescue you on the Finchley road at 9pm on a Friday Night.

23. Work on those pelvic floors you will be thankful of it when you get to 40.

24. It’s not sad buying flowers for yourself.

25. Ladies don’t pee on the side of the street. Even when you are fuelled with alcohol.

26. Baths are my best friend, they are like warms hugs with no regrets.

27. No matter how shitty your day was, always make time to remove your make-up.

28. When you hit your 30’s snuggle blankets have to go!

29. Life is too short for Instagram themes.

30. Always be the best possible version of you.

There you have it, some wise old words from a wise old owl!










  1. Jeanette Grimsey
    February 22, 2018 / 6:15 pm

    Wow I am so proud to say you are my daughter Sophie . Love you lots xx

    • sophieschoicesince1988
      February 23, 2018 / 1:27 pm

      Aww thanks you little babe. Number one fan! x

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