My beauty products that are perfect for spring

The way this ‘Beast from the East’ is going down, it seems like winter will be lurking around for a while. However, if you are following the meteorological calendar spring starts on March 1st, so I am sticking with that!

So… with spring officially starting tomorrow, I thought I would discuss my top pamper products which are perfect for spring. We do start to expose a little more flesh gearing towards the Summer, so it is important to ensure our skin’s primed and really to bare to the world.

To get my skin feeling smooth and to shake off those winter scales, I am loving the Jo Malone Geranium and Walnut body scrub, I like to use this twice a week as it leaves my skin feeling soft, silky and smooth. It is a great exfoliator to use before tanning. My other go to product for the shower is Gorgeous Cow Blissful Bath and Shower Gel from Cowshed, the smell of Moroccan Rose and French Lavender are one of my favourite smells at the moment especially now spring is around the corner, I am just loving floral scents.

I don’t know whether you have worked it out yet, but I am a bath lover! It is my place of tranquillity and somewhere I can go to get away and relax. To end my bath time experience I love love love the Espa Body Silk to lather all over my body. This is definitely not my everyday body moisturizer as it is quite pricey, but for special occasions or when you have had a really rough day this baby will make all your woes disappear.

Two of my favourite facial products at the moment is the Aesop Primrose Facial Hydrating Cream and Origins GinZing Eye Cream. I have an addiction with Aesop products, not only is their packaging really appealing on the eye their products are out of this world and did I mention the Primrose Facial Cream also has Lavender in. (I told you I am loving Lavender at the moment).

The Origins eye cream is currently my best friend as it’s formulated with coffee beans. With the amount of sleep I am getting at the moment I need all the coffee I can get. All jokes aside, it is really effective on those dark circles from all that lack of sleep.





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