Those Red shoes…

I’m not going to lie, a pair of Gucci Princetowns would put a smile on any girls face and have been on my radar for the last year.

They would be my second most expensive shoe purchase closely following behind my Valentino’s which now everyone has jumped on that band wagon. However, they still are my all time favourite shoe.

Trying to justify why I needed these pair of beautifully crafted shoes was a lengthy process and one of going back and fourth. However, turning 30 meant I finally made that checkmate move in where I really had no corner to back out of, or no excuse as to why I shouldn’t purchase them.

Expensive – definitely! Worth it – definitely! Will I regret it – Definitely not!

These shoes are not cheap at £500 but I look to it as a investment, they are a shoe that just keeps on giving. You can style these shoes with almost anything. Jeans, smart trousers, dresses, shorts, the list goes on. Here are a few of my favourite ways to style.





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