The bath time products I use for the little ladies.

Bath time used to be extremely stressful with the girls. Which, is something I always wanted to try and avoid as I strongly believe it should be a relaxing time and most importantly setting the girls up for a good nights sleep. (Not that this happens often).

I have recently changed some of the products I have been using for the girls as Rosie was starting to get very dry skin and signs of early eczema on her legs. I feel like I have been through every bath product there is for babies to see which products are gentle enough for their delicate skin. You will be surprised the amount of products that say they are suitable for sensitive skin, yet they contain perfume which certainly won’t react well with a delicate skin.

I now feel I’m comfortable and confident that I have sourced the right bath products for the girls in which I have noticed huge improvement’s with their skin.

Along with using these products, I have also changed bath time from everyday to every other day which seems to be also helping.

Oilatum is the newest addition to bath time. I used Oilatum as a child as I suffered with mild eczema. Back then it used to be this oily/milky consistency which didn’t particularly smell great. The new product is fragrance free which is perfect.

After their bath I was originally using Johnson’s baby oil but have fallen out of love with that. I have however, fallen IN love with Childs Farm Baby Moisturiser with cocoa and shea butter. This is a mildly fragranced baby moisturizer and has made my babies skin super silky with no reactions or dryness anywhere.

For their little bottoms I apply sudocream everytime I change their nappy, this is also applied straight after their bath as I don’t usually need to change their nappy over night . This acts a barrier cream and when the girls have has sores on their bottoms this product works its magic and usually repairs the area within 24 hours. Just a little FYI, this product is great as a facial mask if you are having a flare up.

I am out walking with the babies everyday come rain or shine. With the weather being so cold and wet recently their little cheeks again can get super dry and red. I have been using Neil’s Yard baby balm which is 100% organic and fragrance free. I absolutely love this product, its not just for the face you can use it all over the skin, it’s super moisturising and quite frankly feels amazing on!

If you have any bath time products you swear by I would love to hear from you. Likewise, if you have any questions about the bath time products I use for the girls I will be happy to answer any questions.

Lots of love

Sophie X





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