The babies are half a year old!

So, it has been a while since my last post,. It is amazing how time can just fly away with you when you have two babies. However, I will start with the usual cliché… I do not know where the time has gone, this probably sounds silly but I feel the twins are starting to turn into little people. Their personalities are so different. Florence is a lot of fun and loves laughing and smiling although, you will be sure to know when she is unhappy! Rosie on the other hand makes you work for her smiles but is very laid back and generally quite easy-going. No doubt these characteristics will swap throughout their childhood.

This has been the month of teething for Florence – Bless her! Florence hasn’t been taken it too well and I have been finding that hard to watch. I still don’t see any teeth, but she is now known as the ‘Dribble Monster’. She will chew anything she can get her hands on! I purchased some teething rings and dipped it in apple juice then placed them straight into to the freezer for an hour. This has helped beyond belief. I have found this more useful than teething granules.

With the girls teething I have found that this has disturbed their sleep. We were doing so well with the girls sleeping 6pm until 5am but recently they have been waking up twice in the night. It might not always be both waking but as they are in the same room one seems to always wake the other.

A new milestone they have achieved is to both sit up. I always place cushions behind them just encase they fall. Rosie was the first to accomplish this but within the last week Florence has come into her own and sitting really well.

Florence is loving her toes at the moment, she takes great interest into trying to eat them – As I said… Just about everything goes in her mouth!

I am very much looking forward to the next month, I’m so excited to see them crawl! I will probably eat my words when that happens and deeply regret wishing these milestones away.

Much love



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