Paddington Bear Birthday Party

As the girls first birthday was fast approaching, Stephen and I had a discussion on what the theme should be. He instantly said that we should go for a Paddington Bear theme as they were born in St Marys Hospital – Paddington. What a great idea!

Paddington Bear has always had a close place to my heart, ever since I was a small girl.


So, off I set trying to organise all things Paddington. Well, it turns out it hasn’t been the easiest of tasks and there aren’t loads of Paddington Bear party themed items to work with, I’ve had to be quite creative. I was very fortunate to have my cousin offer to buy the girls there first birthday cake so this was one of the first things that had been organised. The lovely Neighbourhood bakeries baked the most amazing cake which looked so true to our Paddington Bear theme. The cake was gluten free with chocolate salted Carmel as the filling. Let me tell you… It was out of this world!

All the table settings I found on amazon, paper plates, napkins, paper cups and a table cloth. I also managed to find a Paddington Bear themed banner which we hung up across the window behind the table with the cake and food on.

I had some red, white and blue balloons made up which I put either side of the table with a sliver number one. These were all brought from our local party shop.

To keep in the Paddington Bear theme for the adults I managed to source some marmalade gin, this went perfectly with the theme. I accompanied the gin with elderflower tonic water and dried orange slices as a garnish.

After trying to scout some more ideas to go with the theme, I managed to get some personalised Paddington Bear stickers with the words ‘ Happy 1st Birthday Florence and Rosie’. I used these stickers to personalise the water bottles. I initially wasn’t going to buy water bottles but it was well worth it as they were great for everyone.

Next to the water we had a sweet stand. For this I brought some victorian sweet jars from amazon and ordered some of the families favourite sweets. This goes down well with the children and the adults believe it or not. The jars also came with red paper sweet bags so everyone could create there own little bag to take away with them. It was my idea of a party bag.

The last touch I added was not so Paddington themed it was more personal. Throughout the year we have taken many photos and little videos of the girls as they grow and I put this into a movie with some background music and played this on the T.V for all our guest to watch. This was such a highlight to the party which everyone loved. I would highly recommend this and it was so simple to do.

If you had any questions about any other aspect of the party please leave a question below and I will be happy to help.



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