Homemade Wreaths for Autumn

This is the first year I decided to make my own autumnal wreath. I was feeling rather creative and after seeing lots of people on social media put these little pieces of art together, I thought I would give it a go myself.

I am that person, whom whenever, I try to build, put together, create, or make something it always falls apart or ends up looking like its been attacked by a toddler. This usually ends up with me throwing the towel in and giving up after the first attempt.

This time, was somewhat different… I managed to create the whole wreath first time round! And… If I do say so myself, the wreath doesn’t look too shabby.

It was in-fact super easy which basically involved in buying faux flowers, mini pumpkins and an Oasis.

I started by soaking the Oasis in water, I then cut the faux flowers to the length I wanted and did a practise run of how I wanted the flowers to be arranged. The Oasis was super easy to use as once it has been soaked you are able to insert the stems as and where you please. This didn’t take me very long at all. I then got my glue gun and stuck on the mini pumpkins around the wreath to give that Halloween feel. If your feeling a bit glam you can get some gold spray paint to spray the petals which adds a really nice touch.

I was very impressed with how it looked. The only negative point I would make was that when the Oasis dried out the flowers can fall out easily if not wedged in.

Please send me any creations you have made. I’m looking forward to making me Christmas wreath now!


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